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SSS 6 Day 4x4 Extreme Now 27 May to 1 June 2013

SSS 6 Day 4x4 Extreme event -

Please note due to personal reasons the 6 day will not be run on 18 March - 23 March 2013. Rather than cancelling the event we have rescheduled to 27 May - 1 June 2013.

Nominations will be made available at the end of this week.....

We thank you for your understanding and hope this hasn't inconvenienced anyone.


Stirlo & Jo 


Thanks to those who let us know your preferences - it's now official - book it in.

More information will be posted soon.

In the meantime if you have any questions etc you can contact us by phone (0439 885 807), email (ssswinch@gmail.com) or face book (Mickey Thompson SSS Winch Challenge). 


We are definitely doing another SSS 6 day 4x4 Exteme in 2013.

We have 2 dates that we can choose from:

18-23 March
1-6 April

We are interested to know which dates people would prefer. We need to let the Park know ASAP no later than Friday 31 August.



M: 0439 885 807 - Mon - Fri after 5.30pm and anytime Sat & Sun
E: ssswinch@gmail.com
F: Mickey Thompson SSS Winch Challenge


SSS 6 Day 4x4 Extreme 2012 

We are starting a new 6 day event in 2012. It will be a family orientated event (ie camping with   families etc). Still working through all the details at the moment but will keep you all up to date as more information comes to hand.

Dates for the event are Sunday 4 March to Saturday 10 March 2012.

We will be based at Landcruiser Mountain Park but will be using surrounding properties as well.

Nomination fee is $1400 for driver and navigator only or $1650 for driver, navigator and immediate family (ie wife/partner and children). This includes camping and mid week meal for driver and navigator and their immediate family (ie. partners and children).

A deposit of $400 is required with your nomination but deposits will be returned if the event is cancelled due to lack of interest.

The event will consist of winch, GPS and speed stages. The SSS Winch Challenge Rules and Regulations 2012 will be used for this event.

The format will be:

2 stages Sunday night
6 stages Monday
6 stages Tuesday
3 stages Wednesday
6 stages Thursday
6 stages Friday
Presentation Saturday morning

Mid week meal (Wednesday) for competitors and families - catered for.

We are currently looking for sponsors and officials for this event so if you are interested please email ssswinch@gmail.com or phone me on 0439 885
807 after 6pm week days and anytime on the weekend.
We are proud to announce the sponsors on board for the 6 day so far:

RGM Maintenance
Superior Alignments
AVA All Vehicle Accessories/Rocksliders
Landcruiser Mountain Park

Coleman Australia

Precise Automotive

All 4x4 Parts


Competitors who have nominated:

Ashley & Warren Bunney
Mark Fowler & Paul Gieser

Greg Jackson & Brent Griffin
Wil Neilson & Michael Bowcock
Geoff Rampton & Jane von Pein
Matt Hills & Rob Cooper
Phil McGuiness & Lyndsay Russell
Paul Espig & Danny Espig
Brian Gregg & David Gregg

Christian Trusz & Craig Linnane

Paul Hubner & Andrew Baillie

Josh Marks & Ashley Hibberd


 For those who don't want to bring any food - breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available to buy from RayMart. Food will be available from Monday breakfast to Saturday breakfast. Food will aso be available for spectactors. Competitors please note, if you are on another property or out at a stage you may wish to bring a packed lunch with you. You will be notified each evening where we will be the next day.

RayMart will also be catering for the Wednesday night dinner.
Dinner is $20 per person. Driver and Navigator paid for.

At this stage prizes are as follows:

$100 per stage win
$800 & prizes TBA for 3rd
$1000 & prizes TBA for 2nd
$3000 & prizes TBA for 1st

Prize money will increase as more sponsors and competitors come on board.

If you want any further information and or are interested in sponsoring this event please contact Stirlo on 0439 885 807.


We are unable to camp at Billabong now so we will be camping at either Tracker or The Gums - Stirlo is going up to the Park again this weekend so we will let everyone know where the camping will be on Sunday 26/2 or Monday 27/2.

Food will be available for spectators as well from Monday breakfast through to Saturday breakfast.

For Park fees you need to contact Landcruiser Park on 07 5497 3164.


We have been at the Park since Tuesday and have set up 3 days worth of tracks so far. Couple more days to go. Officials already started to arrive as well.

Tracks are drying out and creeks are going down slowly.

Hope you boys & girls are looking forward to some long drive stages!!

A couple of the stages previously set over other weekends have had to be cancelled due to amount of rain already received however, we have already organised back up ones!

Sunday night stages will be a GPS run and a winch

Monday will be 1 x 5km speed stage, 4 x winch stages by a small GPS run to get you used to Tuesday

Tuesday will be 1 x 3hr GPS run followed by 1 x 2hr In & Out GPS run - Tuesday night 2 x winch stages

Wednesday - 2 winch stages completed - still working out other 4 -DINNER 6.30/7PM

Thursday will be 4 x winch stages during the day and depending on weather will decide what stages will be run

Friday will be ....not completed yet....

PRESENTATION Friday night.

Only 3 sleeps to go....


Sunday morning:
Blue Sky and sunny however by 5pm RAIN which didn’t let up. Racing started at 7pm, 2 stages winch and GPS where held in the auditorium, 11 competitors started and the carnage began.
Stage 1:
Brian and David first into the stage almost had a role over on the 2nd winch hill and a few competitors went the wrong way. Alf and Mosko had a big roll.
Stage 2:
Brian and David sitting at the start gate, suddenly the winch started by itself and in seconds had loaded up and destroyed the casing. Wil and Bowie out at one of the GPS points had a fire under the car which turned out to be oil from the hole in the sump. Bowie ran 2 kms to let another competitor know. Skip and Daves car was running on 4 ½ cylinders. All in all a very busy band eventful night. All were back at camp by midnight.


11 cars started on Sunday.... 10 continued. A few competitors made the trek home for parts and fixes and there where many who didn’t sleep much on Sunday night. The 6 tracks already completed for today’s stages where unreachable due to the continuous overnight. Stirlo went out early to check if any other set stages could be used instead but unfortunately wasn’t an option, so the call was made to wait, which for those who had to fix was good news. By about 9.30am a decision was made to run the 2 stages across the creek as this would give us an opportunity to keep an eye on an already rising creek. However the creek rose quite quickly and we were cut off from the other side. Undefeated Stirlo set off to find an area near camp and was triumphant. Between him and a few officials they set 2 great stages in no time. Racing was underway by 12pm. The road out was very slippery and two of the officials needed to be recovered, Gary’s was classic.
After the racing was completed the winch boys and officials went to the creek to wash their cars. RGM Maintenance transported and official, their friends with baby and dog who had been stuck on the other side of the creek since the morning. The RGM boys tackled Wil and Brian got caught in the cross fire and went under with Wil and they just managed to stop themselves from flowing down the creek.


Over the slippery mountain to Frying Pan Falls. The track in was very slippery and was getting very boggy with every car that entered. A speed run first, to get them to the next stage. Stages where similar boggy terrain. SCA Racing tested the waters early with a slight tip over, no damaged just a little rest before getting on all four wheels again and off and racing. Christina tackled one of the harder winch hills of the week and the new boys Alf and Mosko showed true grit by continuing after their motor died with 2 short winches to get to the finish gate. Everything else went smoothly, Ray’s lunches were awesome and we finished the day with a GPS run.
After haggling with Caboolture wreckers and a drive all the way home Skip changed the head and gasket and is ready to race Wednesday.

We would like to thank everyone that competed, officialed and supported the SSS 6 Day 4x4 Extreme debut. Hope everyone got home ok.

First of all we would like to thank Scott, Mark, Tony, Henry & Digger for coming out to help set out tracks the weekend before the event.

Thank you to our sponsors - Superior Alignments, Landcruiser Mountain Park, RGM Maintenance, ARB, Coleman, Precise Automotive, AVA - All Vehicle Accessories, All 4x4 Parts & Bushranger.

Thank you to our offiicials -Gary, Dan, Tony, Mark, Scott, Leanne, Courteney, Mick, Dave, Andrew, Greg, Brad, Anthony, David & Rochelle.

Thank you to Greg & Brent for the awesome trophies and glasses for the stage wins.

Thank you to the competitors for being understanding with the weather and still managing to have fun.

and a big thank you to Ray for the awesome food.

The overall scores are:

1st Christian & Terry 2194
2nd Wil & Bowie 2184
3rd Brian & David 1679
4th Josh & Ash 1624
5th Matt & Rob 1501
6th Phil & Lindsay 1487
7th Geoff & Jane 1474
8th Greg & Brent 1184
9th Mark & Paul 872
10th Gudge & Mosko 485
11th Skip & Dave/Dan 395

Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated.

 Also a big thanks to Randall from Dirtcomp, 4x4 on Film, Marianne, Mick and Leanne for taking some great pics! Look out for the Dirtcomp magazine - May edition.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Round 1 of the SSS Winch Challenge and also the 6 day next year!

 We have some 2012 SSS 6 Day 4x4 Extreme shirts still available for $25. We don't have many small sizes left though. We have XL, 2XL & 3XL available.